Vascular Specialist’s New Facility in Tinley Park is OPEN!

We’ve just opened the first facility dedicated to vein and artery disease in the south and southwest Chicago suburbs.

This state-of-the-art facility will help our patients in the Chicago southwest and south suburbs access university-level vein and artery care faster and more conveniently.

Our beautiful, light-filled, full-service facility is easy to find, located at 8505 183rd Street in Tinley Park, just 6 minutes from either the I-80 Harlem Avenue or LaGrange Road exit. There is ample free parking and multiple handicapped spots. Our 14,000 sq. ft. clinic is fully ADA accessible, with a dedicated entrance for Med Cars and ambulances. You will enjoy two comfortable waiting rooms, two procedure rooms and eight patient recovery bays.

Make an appointment with Vascular Specialists for aortic aneurysms, carotid artery disease that causes stroke and transient ischemic attacks, peripheral and renal artery diseases, deep vein thrombosis, phlebitis and wounds that resist healing. Our team treats diseases and medical conditions of the veins and arteries, performing intravascular ultrasounds and angiograms, dialysis access maintenance and wound care at the new Tinley Park facility.

Visit our varicose vein division, a spa-like section of the new clinic. Your Vascular Specialists offer sclerotherapy and non-thermal vein treatment, Venefit®, Varithena® and VenaSeal® procedures. Just like patients see an orthopedic specialist for broken bones, patients should access the best possible vein care; a fellowship-trained vascular surgeon to evaluate blood vessels, rule out other health problems and treat disease. While varicose vein treatments may seem like simple procedures, the health of your leg veins can determine your quality of life for decades to come, ensuring you can walk, stay active and mobile.

Our education, training and experience makes us the premier vascular practice in the Chicago Southland. Dr. Tanquilut and Dr. Sanjeev Pradhan are board certified and fellowship-trained vascular and endovascular surgeons. Our team also includes board certified family nurse practitioners Alejandro Del Real, Kristen Forsythe and Danielle Roach. Our staff and physicians are the creme de la creme, meeting remarkable standards for evidence-based medical care. Our hospitality is second to none and every patient is treated like family.

Providing exceptional vascular care is our passion! In our new Tinley Park facility, our patients can access high-caliber care faster and closer to home, in a comfortable, attractive surrounding.

Do you have a question about our new facility or the health or your veins and arteries? Just give us a call at 815-824-4406. We will be happy to help!

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