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The Finest Vascular Care in Chicagoland

When your health, wellness and quality of life are jeopardized by poor circulation, you need specialists with advanced education and experience who will concentrate on you. Dr. Eugene Tanquilut and Dr. Sanjeev Pradhan are board-certified in both vascular and endovascular surgery. Fellowship trained and award-winning, our physicians have extensive experience and knowledge in both traditional and innovative minimally invasive methods to manage your vascular health. Best of all, Dr. Tanquilut and Dr. Pradhan approach each patient as a member of the family, with empathy, altruism and honesty.

Abdominal Aortic

An abdominal aortic aneurysm is when the aorta, the large artery in the abdominal cavity, enlarges like a balloon. Read More

Deep Vein Thrombosis

This condition occurs when a blood clot blocks a vein, usually in the legs. Read More


If patients are suffering from kidney failure, they will require a hemodialysis access. Read More


PAD occurs when plaque accumulates in the arteries that carry blood to the legs. Read More


Carotid arteries provide the main blood supply to your brain. Read More

Wound Care

Our medical professionals employ a best practices approach to wound care, using a combination of diagnosis, debridement, specialized dressings and bariatric techniques to heal chronic wounds. Read More

Fellowship trained Vascular and Endovascular Surgeons

Dr. Eugene Tanquilut, DO
Dr. Sanjeev Pradhan, MD

Professional Nurse Practitioners

Alejandro Del Real, FNP
Kristen Forsythe, FNP
Danielle Roach, FNP

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