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Your Health Back Faster With Our Quick Attention


Here at Vascular Specialists, we are especially proud of our quick response time. We’ve heard many stories of patients who’ve had to wait months for an appointment after being referred to other specialists, or have seen their medical condition deteriorate while waiting for a procedure to be scheduled.

Surveys show that a patient typically waits about 19 days to see a specialist, with some patients waiting over 72 days (Yes!) for an initial appointment. When finally arriving for that appointment, patients could wait for hours, with 23 minutes being average, after their designated appointment time. Even after a diagnosis, many patients find their procedure or surgery delayed by weeks or months.

Vascular Specialists knows that getting you back into optimum health quickly – and keeping you there – is vital to maintaining your lifestyle. We understand that getting an appointment, getting into that appointment in the right frame of mind and completing any necessary testing, surgeries or procedures as soon as possible improves your health quicker. That really seems like a no-brainer, doesn’t it?

That’s why, at Vascular Specialists, you’ll get an initial appointment within just 10 working days of your phone call to us. Most times, we’ll see you even sooner than that. Dr. Eugene Tanquilut and Dr. Sanjeev Pradhan, along with our Physician Assistant Courtney Stanford, are available quickly, to help diagnose and treat your vascular challenges in a timely manner.

We are open Monday through Friday until 5:00 pm, and begin appointments at 6:30 am on Tuesdays.

At our office, you’ll find we respect your time. While emergencies do arise, every attempt is made to have our medical staff see you promptly and efficiently, while affording you plenty of time within your appointment for thorough questions and answers. You will never feel rushed through an appointment at Vascular Specialists!

When you need additional testing or an interventional procedure, we also move quickly. We can typically schedule testing and both vascular and endovascular surgeries within 24-48 hours of diagnosis. Moving your treatment plan along swiftly means you start recovering sooner, and living your full life again sooner.

Vascular Specialists makes a point of getting your health back on track as soon as possible, through convenient, quick appointment setting, respectful wait times and prompt testing and surgery scheduling.

If you would like to discuss your health or vascular issue with us, call 815-824-4406 now. We’ll be happy to schedule an appointment – quickly. 

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