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Dr. Eugene Tanquilut is a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine – why does that matter to you?


You’ve seen the initials D.O. behind Dr. Tanquilut’s name but you may never have really thought about what they mean – and what they mean about the care you receive. Likewise, many patients specifically seek out a D.O. for their medical care because they prefer the approach that D.O.s take.

Osteopathic medicine began when Andrew Taylor Still, M.D., noticed that some of the accepted treatment practices seemed to harm patients instead of helping them. He knew that the human body has a miraculous ability to heal itself and created care that took advantage of that ability.

As an osteopathic physician, Dr. Tanquilut looks at the whole patient – more than just a disease or illness. He has a strong foundation in primary care and holistic philosophy. This means that while he’s looking at your veins and arteries, he’s also considered the health and well being of your entire body.

While Vascular Specialists uses high-tech diagnostic testing and innovative, evidence-based surgical techniques, Dr. Tanquilut also engages a hands-on, patient-centered approach. D.O.s are committed to getting to know their patients as people, gaining an understanding of what their health means to improving or maintaining their lifestyle.

Dr. Tanquilut, like other D.Os, is committed to education, both to patients and to the community. You’ll see Dr. Tanquilut at community centers, churches and in the exam room, fully explaining a disease and its treatment options, so patients can make the best decision for their individual lives.

Being a D.O. means that Dr. Tanquilut fully integrates you in your own health care. Armed with information about your illness, information about your own health and information about all treatment options, you feel in control of your life, your health and your future. You will feel comfortable with the decisions you and Dr. Tanquilut will make about treatment.

Osteopathic physicians also take full advantage of medical science, including drugs and medications and the latest diagnostic and surgical technologies. D.O.s can pursue any specialty and train in any fellowship opportunity. There are nearly 74,000 D.O.s practicing throughout the United States and over 20% of all medical students today are training as osteopathic physicians.

For Dr. Tanquilut and D.O.s across the country, being an osteopathic physician means having a deep appreciation for the healing powers of the human body, a great respect for each patient’s overall health and well-being and a powerful commitment to education.

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